Sally Nicholson is a talented and dedicated reflexologist and thanks to whom my condition has improved tremendously.  Her reflexology sessions are a critical part of my rehabilitation.

R. Bradley, Los Angeles

After major surgery and a course of chemotherapy for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, every muscle and joint in my body hurt, my skin burned and itched.  Reflexology definitely helped the withdrawal symptoms from cancer and its cure.  Each session with Sally and her wonderful healing touch brought me relief and relaxation.

Joyce Wisdom, Artist, Topanga

I have been seeing Sally for Reflexology for 4 years and it is the one thing I do for myself that I absolutely look forward to each week. Reflexology with Sally is more relaxing and restorative than a massage and I always leave feeling rested, refreshed and cared for. Sally is gentle and attentive to whatever my needs might be that day. She is thorough and works on me to relieve pain and discomfort in my muscles as well giving me an entirely enjoyable experience. 
I highly recommend her services for anyone dealing with an illness, chronic condition or someone who just needs to relax.

Eve K.

What has always impressed me after a Reflexology session with Sally is how relaxed and at peace I feel. The session always alleviates my chronic insomnia and that is a huge improvement in my overall well-being.

Joy Rotblatt, Artist

Clients at weSPARK Cancer Support Center told me that a reflexology session with Sally was the first time throughout their entire cancer experience that they felt relief.  
                                                                                                                                              Casey Ann Hickey, MSW

Thank you Sally for helping me with my knee pain. You're the best! 

Sandy B. Pacific Palisades

​Roaring Fork Reflexology

Recommendations for Sally's Reflexology services.

Reflexology became an integral part of my life 10 years ago living abroad in London. The healing and balance within my body and mind were remarkable. When I moved home, it was so difficult to find a "real" reflexologist... a true practitioner.  Finally, I met Sally Nicholson and I have found that healing and balance once again. Sally is not only a true healer, but a caring and wonderful reflexologist. I am forever grateful to her.

Brooke Cusick Bertram

How grateful I am to have met Sally Nicholson. Her Reflexology sessions create a calm in body, mind and spirit. Her gentle hands have just the right touch to powerfully effect the release of my ribs, lungs and shoulders thereby easing my pain and unlocking tension. 
Reflexology is a short, better version of bodywork. I recommend it highly. I'll be back again soon!

D.D. Santa Monica

A note of thanks for an awesome reflexology session, whatever you did was amazing.  I got a good detox as a result and that’s what keeps me coming back.                                 

​                                                                                                                                               Linda Ferguson, Basalt