​Roaring Fork Reflexology

Certified Reflexologists are not physicians and cannot prescribe, diagnose or give medical advice.

Treat yourself and enjoy!

Employees can either be responsible for, or companies can subsidize, this service. All that is required is a quiet space to work and the willingness to allow staff to reap these benefits. With shorter sessions, problem areas are targeted to bring maximum relief and a sense of wellbeing.

In parts of Europe and Japan, Reflexology has been accepted as a successful wellness tool by corporations who provide their employees with it, which has resulted in reduced sick leave being taken by the employees.  Some companies in America are now offering Reflexology to their employees.

 Reflexology for women. After a brief discussion to determine your goals, you will lie fully clothed, except for your shoes and socks, on a massage table, and experience the specific reflexology touch on your feet, hands and outer ears. Through this stimulation tension is relaxed and physiological functions normalize bringing improved health. 

Please contact to discuss specifics and pricing    310.633.4903

At my El Jebel, Carbondale Office

       1 hour session - $80

       90 minute session - $110


  • Home Visits in the Roaring Fork can be arranged with an added charge for travel.
  • Special Events - Theme party - Bridal/Baby Shower - Spa Parties - Photo Shoot 
  • Reflexology in the workplace - Companies can now give their employees the opportunity to take a mini-refresher break with a short reflexology session. 

Reflexology ~ your path to better health. 

This helps to:

  • improve concentration  
  • revitalize and refresh     
  • reduce work-overload
  • reduce stress
  • improve immune system
  • reduce absenteeism