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In 2004 Sally received her Certificate of Reflexology from the American Academy of Reflexology. Since then she have been working as a professional Reflexologist, giving Reflexology sessions to a growing number of clients.  She have also continued her studies with visiting colleagues from all over the world, gleaning different approaches and keeping informed as to the latest developments in Reflexology.

Sally enjoys skiing, yoga, Nia dance, painting and hiking with her dog.

Member of the Reflexology Association of American & Reflexology Association of California
California Licensed Certified Massage Practitioner - Sarah Nicholson-Vaughan

Originally from England, Sally Nicholson was a fine art painter and muralist for many years.  Eventually, she suffered back problems due to the very physical work of painting murals. 

She was inspired to study Reflexology after receiving a Reflexology session on her ears where she felt as if she had received a full chiropractic spinal adjustment; it was that powerful! 


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The Immune System.  Another wonderful seminar with Dorthe Krosgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen discussing new innovative protocols to enhance our immune systems by working the lymphatic and digestive systems. Sally is thrilled to have more tools to keep clients in balance.

Stress. Sally was most excited to have attended the seminar Round About Stress with Dorthe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen from Denmark. They shared some innovative techniques and ideas on how to approach this serious and debilitating condition.